Project CivicsNZ aims to build the social capital and empowerment of New Zealand citizens.

17 May 2017: Civics workshop evening
The Institute hosted an evening workshop with a diverse group of forty individuals to build on the idea of a civics strategy in New Zealand. The purpose of the event was to explore the current state of civics and citizenship education and develop recommendations that can improve civic knowledge and engagement within all sectors of New Zealand society. The recommendations made by the Constitutional Advisory Panel formed the foundations of the evening.

Patron Todd Krieble and Master of Public Policy student Danijela Tavich produced two preliminary draft documents available on the CivicsNZ website for guests to read prior to the evening: Think Piece 27 – Civics and Citizenship Education in New Zealand: A case for change? and Working Paper 2017/11  Civics and Citizenship Education in New Zealand Schools.

Additional feedback on the papers is welcome. Please email us at civicsnz@mcguinnessinstitute.org. We are also looking to work with others who are interested in this area. Register your interest to follow our discussions here.


  • Cīvitās: Aligning technological and sociological transformation,
    May 2016 issue of Policy Quarterly (Article) (May 2016)
  • Proceedings of The Civics and Media Project: A report on the three workshops held in 2015 booklet (May 2016)
  • The Civics and Media Project YouTube video series (Early 2016)


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